Apply 377A on gay “Muslims”

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Since the launch of the Wear White campaign, there has been many stubborn Muslims who still support Pink Dot and attack the Wear White movement.

I wrote before in a previous article that these Muslims who support Pink Dot should be charged for spreading False Doctrine under AMLA S139.

“Section 139 of AMLA states that “Whoever shall teach or publicly expound any doctrine or perform any ceremony or act relating to the Muslim religion in any manner contrary to the Muslim law shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.”

Those people encouraging Muslims to attack the #wearwhite movement and to support Pink Dot are clearly teaching a false doctrine that is contrary to Muslim law. They should thus be punished with the maximum fine of $2000 and a prison term of 12 months to send a clear message to fellow Muslims that they must respect Islam and not attack our pro-natural family message.”

What is worst though that there are some “Muslims” who claim to be Muslims but are actually gay. Islam forbids homosexuality so they are clearly not Muslims, and they are confusing the community by calling themselves Muslims. I think the time has come for Muslim gays to be charged under Section 377A.

PM Lee once said 377A will not be “proactive enforced”, but I believe that for Muslim gays who claim that they are Muslims, we should punish them under 377A. As anyone who knows Islam will tell you, if you are Muslim, you cannot be gay. Hence, 377A should be actively enforced for Muslims. Those “Muslims” who are gay but want to call themselves Muslim do not have the right to do so, because Islam does not allow that. Applying 377A on gay “Muslims” will help to uphold the morality of the community. This proposal can be extended to the Christians as well, as they are also strongly against homosexuality.

I hope the relevant authorities like the police and government considers this seriously, because it has a duty to protect the Muslim religion and community.

Also, I support the call by our brave Bro Syed Muhd Bashir AlAzmatkhan to file police report and complaints to the subordinate Courts against the LGBT/Pink Dot movement. He has shared with us some tips and he said that the I.O. was very encouraging and helpful: “hi …police i.o did mention a few valid stuff..example ..the merit of my report,the potential danger..and the need for public to come forward if the felt the same……and their need to review pinkdot/lgbt permits applications…among some of the things the i.o mentioned.”

Authored by Hazrul Hamzah




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  1. AntiG

    Completely agree with you. However using 377A selectively only on the Muslims will be considered selective persecution by some. However the better option would be to identify a few Muslim gays and lesbians and ask Muis to take action against them. This is possible because Muslims are subject to Islamic laws where else the other races are not subject to any religious laws. I believe the Muslim community should set the example and take a united stand

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  3. hafizah

    Do you know why singapore cant enforced that law nowadays? Once they do that, other countries will go against spor, especially america. Once that happens, spore will ceased to exist. Im not tryin to be rude but didnt allah teach us to love one another? Taking a stand means nothing if we dont show love one and another.
    Just because you are not comfortable with the idea of people loving the same gender, does not mean you have to be rude in that manner.
    What about those “muslims” who are drinking, smoking, having intercourse before marriage, divorce?
    Oh yes, they are muslims right?
    Its okay. WE shall be united against homosexual but not those other muslims.

    I’m not saying that i respect their idea but its what they choose to believe.
    We can tell them what we have learnt from our religion but its not good to force them to do something without telling them the reason.

  4. Abdillah

    Your article is valid in most sense but who gave you the right to say (and I quote)
    [“Muslims” who claim to be Muslims but are actually gay. Islam forbids homosexuality so they are clearly not Muslims]
    There are many other Muslim sinners as well brother. such statement is best left unsaid.

  5. chasingarcadia

    I highly doubt Islam taught one another to hate either and discriminate either, so what’s up man? Did you wake up one day and decide you’re God and you feel so empowered to judge other human beings? As fellow Muslims we’re the ones who have to protect and support one another, not leaving it to the authorities like we’re some kind of backward community, and using religion as a shield or let it be the basis of your hatred. I highly doubt you have to right to label who is Muslim and who is not, so please have a good think about this.

  6. brainstormer

    I think those who claimed themselves as “Muslims” should start reading the Hadiths. You will know as to why Muslims do not support LBGT.

  7. Shah

    I support the freedom to love as firstly, Islam teaches us to love one another, I’m using this term loosely as some people think that the very definition of being gay is sex. That is wholly untrue as there are people who like the same gender and do not engage in carnal acts. Secondly, Islam teaches us to be tolerant of people’s religion and beliefs, therefore, should you think that what they are doing is wrong, as a fellow Muslim , you should not condemn them. Instead you should seek to understand them and maybe god will open their hearts. As a Muslim, you should support your fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. If you think they are on a wrong path, seek to understand and guide them…. #pinkdot #wearwhite


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