HOAX: Wear Pro-Gaza T-Shirt To Mosque But Got Reprimanded by ISD Officer


Latest update on 17 July 2014 @ 7pm: Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff  has clarified on his Facebook that the posting was a hoax. 



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Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff

Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff

Rilek1Corner was informed of an incident that occur recently.

A Muslim brother who goes by the name Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff had posted on Facebook that someone he knew wore #SaveGaza #FreeGaza T-Shirt to a mosque to perform his Terawih prayer in the evening.

Just like any Muslim, that Muslim brother was merely showing support for the oppressed state of Palestine, and he sympathised with innocent victims killed by the Israeli forces.

Unfortunately, that Muslim brother was told to remove the T-shirt by an unnamed ISD officer.

Furious, Terawis Al-Shahid Ashraff then asked what is MUIS take on this issue.

Earlier this week, another Muslim brother Gulam Yusuf who is a freelance worker in the oil trade industry, had hung a Palestinian flag — which was emblazoned with the word “free” — to spread awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, notably the “mass killing of innocent civilians”.

Gulam who stays in Sims Drive, took the flag down after he was advised by the police.

Has anyone experienced a similar encounter too?

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Photo Gulam Yusuf

Photo Gulam Yusuf

Gulam Yusuf Palestine Gaza



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1 Comment

  1. Alf

    Dear Administrator,

    1. If the earlier posting was inaccurate and false, then you should remove the false posting altogether or post the clarification update right at the top, instead of at the bottom of the article. So that your readers will not jump to premature conclusions immediately and twit about without scrolling to the bottom of the article where the clarification is made.

    2. The Free Gaza Tees is a wonderful idea, so let it not be sullied by some irresponsible postings before it actually takes off. Otherwise, it would be deemed “inappropriate” by our Muslims leaders (read: sarcasm) and asked to channel our energies into making donations at the mosques instead.

    3. Wearing a Free Gaza tee is not against the law not can anyone officer of the law ask you to remove it. Unless of course you are wearing a tee that calls for wanton destruction of property and lives. Free Gaza is a humanitarian appeal, not some terrorist radical rhetoric.

    4. Come on, if people can wear Pink tees at Hong Lim Park or wear Penguin tees at the Library atrium, I’m pretty sure a Free Gaza tee isn’t going to raise kerfuffle. Whether you are allowed to distribute tees at the Masjid, that’s another whole ball game.

    5. Let’s not depend on our esteemed Malay-Muslim leaders to take the lead. Rather, let it be a ground up support by ordinary folks like us in giving some peace to the children of Gaza.


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