Heavy Rain Causes Ponding At Lift Landing, Concerned Makcik To The Rescue

After heavy rain, my mother would often sweep the common areas in front of the lift of her HDB flat. (Due to poor upgrading work, we get ‘ponding’ in front of the lift after heavy rain.)

When I asked her why. She told me she is concern that neighbours in a hurry might fall and break their bones. She tells me she is worried especially about the elderly on our floor and a nurse-neighbour whom she noticed is always rushing to work. And she considered it no big deal to take care of the common areas.

So all these many years, she has been sweeping away the ‘ponding’. (I’ve seen her cleaned the lift when there’s pee too but that’s a story for another day).

Here’s my mother, caught in action, sweeping away the ponding, handbag swinging, at midnight after a late Hari Raya visit.


Source: Saleemah Ismail


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