WP Member Bernard Chen: Free Travel For Singaporeans Until Fundamental Issues With Public Transportation Are Fixed

Until our transport companies and the Ministry get their act together, Singaporeans should be granted free travel on our entire transport network. #justsaying #notsocrazyanidea. #onlyfair. Why should consumers made to pay for a system that is so unreliable and inefficient? I pay a fare to get from point A to point B, not to be stuck on the platform, or in between stations. If the service is not rendered, only fair that consumers need not pay. And why must I pay for your provision of “free bus services” whenever the trains don’t run. #mightaswelldontbuildraillines.

When their pockets are severely hit, then probably we can finally see some tangible improvements to our public transport system. It is not about paying more for the system for it to be better. It is about sorting out the fundamental problems before you ask consumers to pay. Provide a service first, and consumers will pay. #logicofgovernanceinSingapore#everythingalso讲钱.


Source: Chen Jiaxi Bernard

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