Knocked Unconscious On MRT Platform, Man Pressing Charges To Bring Hit-And-Run Attacker To Justice

On boxing day evening, as i was heading home, just about to board the train, i was knocked out unconscious by one of two teens who were running / racing on the platform.

According to the MRT staff, i collided with the boy, and we both fell. The boy got up and he and his friend ran to board a train, leaving me lying unconscious on the ground. I think i was unconscious before i hit the ground. MRT staff said i was K.O.ed for 30s.

MRT staff carried me off to a room. I have no recollection of the collision. My face is bruised swollen and i have a bump on my head. I suffered from some memory loss. Somehow i managed to give my gf’s contact to the staff, although i have no recollection of that either. My gf arrived and accompanied me to the hospital.

I will be pressing charges because

1. I want to find out who my hit and run assailants are.

2. I do not want anyone to think they can irresponsibly run away after causing hurt regardless of intention. If a fragile elderly got hit it could have been fatal.

3. I have important appointments this week and their actions really brought me great inconvenience.

Incident happened at Hill View station. Between 8.30pm to 8.45pm. Anyone with information is welcomed to contact me. I do have an SMRT staff eye witness and CCTV recording.

Update: I am discharged with ‘minor head injury’ status, a bump on the right side of my head, swollen lower left cheek, and the left side of my neck has strain supposedly from the whiplash of my fall.


Source: Joe Basara

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