Nasi Lemak Lovers, Now You Can Have Your Nasi Lemak And Have Your Cake Too

We all knew how crazy Malaysians were about nasi lemak when they made nasi lemak ice cream.

But now, someone has taken the race to ‘nasi lemak-ise’ different things to the next level, with the creation of nasi lemak cakes!

The combination, which sounds like a simultaneously bizarre and appetising prospect, was created by Tiana Kitchen, a home-based caterer based in the Kuala Lumpur area.

According to their Facebook page, the cake is made from aromatic rice infused with coconut milk and pandan leaves, topped with a layer of sambal as well as generous sprinklings of ‘ikan bilis’ (anchovies) and peanuts, and served with eggs and a ring of cucumber slices.

Like any other cake, customers can even choose their own toppings, which includes sambal sotong (cuttlefish), sambal prawn and sambal petai (bitter bean).

According to comment, the basic nasi lemak cake is being sold for RM58 (S$18.40), while a cake with any of the three toppings is RM78 (S$24.75).

It appears that the cake has been pretty well-received so far. The caterer has posted screenshots of testimonials from satisfied clients, with one calling the cake “awesome”.

It appears as though people are getting bored with standard chocolate cakes or cheesecakes, and are letting their creative juices flow by coming up with new, innovative flavours.

A restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia has reported come up with something even weirder than nasi lemak cake: Indomie cake!

The cake is made out of actual Indomie (fried instant noodles), and is topped with sambal, corned beef and cheese, according to Coconuts Indonesia.



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