Tin Pei Ling To Stop Being Full-Time MP

Come May 2017, I will start to work for a Singapore enterprise – Jing King Tech Group. This opportunity is an exciting one. This proudly-Singaporean enterprise is firmly positioned in the innovation and FinTech space. The bosses are also passionate Singaporeans who care deeply about Singapore and our local community.

Even as I embark on this new appointment, I will remain committed to MacPherson and our residents. My position with the company will offer job flexibility for me to fully discharge my MP responsibilities. I will continue with my weekly engagements, including MPS, block visits and grassroots events as before. I will also continue to oversee ongoing & upcoming community projects and programmes.

Over the past 6 years, our volunteer team has grown, even as our systems and service processes have been strengthened. Together, my team and I will strive to serve residents in MacPherson to the best of our abilities.

I have spoken with some residents about this, and they have given me much encouragement, for which I am grateful. I will certainly give my best to MacPherson and my residents, and I look forward to your continued support.


Source: Tin Pei Ling 陈佩玲

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