Maid Suspected Of Bedok Murders Arrested In Indonesia, Admits To Murders

The Indonesian maid who was on the run for almost a week after her elderly employers were found bound and dead in their Bedok Reservoir flat has been caught.

Khasanah, 41, was arrested on Tuesday night when police in Indonesia’s Jambi province raided her hotel room.

Among the items found in her possession were several pieces of jewellery, watches, mobile phones, a laptop computer and cash in various currencies, Jambi police spokesman Kuswahyudi Tresnadi said yesterday.

It was reported that money and valuables were missing from the home of Mr Chia Ngim Fong, 79, and his wife, Madam Chin Sek Fah, 78, when their bodies were found.

Local police were tipped off on her whereabouts on Tuesday by residents in Tungkal Ilir, a rustic town located in West Tanjung Jabung regency on the east coast of central Sumatra, Mr Kuswahyudi added.

Khasanah was overheard talking on the phone at an Internet cafe and saying: “How is their condition? I don’t know if they died. I’m willing to repent by staying at a pesantren (Islamic boarding school).”

Her phone conversation raised suspicion because Indonesian counter-terrorism police have in recent months arrested several pesantren staff and students suspected of being extremists.

It was not clear who Khasanah was talking to on the phone or asking about, but when the police arrived at the Internet cafe, they found out that she had been browsing online reports on the Bedok murders, said Mr Kuswahyudi.


Jambi province is located more than 300km away from Singapore.



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