Muslims Need To Call Out Hypocrisy of Saudi Elites

The image of Rihanna and the rich Saudi son of a billionaire Hassan Jameel exposes the hypocritical reality of the world we are living in today on several different levels. Firstly, If the roles were reversed and a Muslim female was seen in a pool with a non-muslim male then the whole community will be in uproar, there would be angry social media posts and most likely a campaign against the woman. This probably would be followed up by death threats and physically approaching the woman to warn her of her behaviour because she is a female, I don’t think any of this is going to happen to Hassan because he is a male.

Secondly is the issue of class. Even if you are connected to a ‘conservative religious’ ruling family, behaviours like this serve to cement the idea that the rich can do whatever they want, even in public without the thought that they will be reprimanded one day. This reality is in stark contradiction to the reality of those who do not belong to this class, who have to face to ‘reminders’ of the morality police in the streets. The rich families do not have to face the morality police and they can do whatever the hell they want while the poorer families will face the wrath of the morality police.

The saying “an image is like a thousand words” is certainly true with this picture……which exposes the level of hypocrisy on soooo many levels.


Source: Mizan The Poet

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