PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech Puts A Malay Family In The Spotlight As Exemplary

In January, I presented Edusave Awards to my residents in Teck Ghee. One family I met moved me.

I presented an Edusave Merit Award to Adam, a student from Teck Ghee Primary School. After the ceremony, I met Adam’s father, Aziz. He showed me an old photo of him, receiving an SBC House Union Bursary from me in 1986! So I have presented awards to father and son, 31 years apart! It was a special moment for Aziz, Adam, and also for me.

I also met the grandfather, Ahmad, who was a gardener with SBC, the old Mediacorp. That is why Aziz qualified for the Bursary all those years ago.

It is my Government’s duty to build for our future, so that every family can be like Ahmad, Aziz and Adam. This is the Singapore of the last half century: Every generation striving and building for the next, keeping our eye on tomorrow and investing in our children. Undaunted by challenges, but instead working together to overcome obstacles, seize every opportunity and realise a bright future for all of us.

Thank you and Good Night!


Source: Lee Hsien Loong / MCI

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