(Reader Contribution) Singapore Asatizahs Earn Between $1200 (Before CPF) And $1500 Even With A Degree Qualification

(Reader contribution)

Our reader sent us a screenshot of a confession saying that our Singaporean asatizahs are paid between $1200 (Before CPF) and $1500. These local asatizahs have degree qualifications from overseas universities, and yet they are paid this little. How can this be? How they want to survive in this expensive city sey?

MUIS, PERGAS and other Muslim-related bodies need to review the salaries of these asatizahs and make sure that these asatizahs are paid more, at least on par with MOE’s standard. Or else, we will lose our local asatizahs to other overseas institutions, and local religious institutions will have to pay more to hire other overseas asatizahs to teach in our schools.



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