Masagos Zulkifli: Like Malaysia, Singapore Is Constantly Cautious And Concerned About Racial And Religious harmony

#masagos The Sultans in Malaysia issued a statement, expressing their concerns over divisive practices and mindsets that may jeopardise Malaysia’s multi-racial and religious harmony.

The statement urged Malaysians to abide by the Constitution, and that Muslims should not unwittingly tarnish the religion by their actions which can be divisive.

Like Malaysia, Singapore is constantly cautious and concerned about racial and religious harmony. While we have enjoyed decades of relative peace, global and local developments may unravel what we have built over the years. The Government needs to continuously be nimble in adapting to changes, and to carefully manage racial and religious relations. It has put in place policies like the Ethnic Integration Policy, GRC and recently, reserved President Election for each community.

The Muslim community and MUIS too have worked hard to preserve their moderate practices in Singapore, and to prevent external influences from making the community an exclusive and extreme one.

I wish citizens from both sides of the causeway will continue to maintain their strong inter-racial and religious harmony.


Source: Masagos Zulkifli

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