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Don’t Impose Secular Views On Religious Bodies

The statements by the National Council of Churches of Singapore and the local Roman Catholic Church regarding the “gay moment” in the Disney movie, Beauty And The Beast, are quite clearly meant as advisories to the leaders of their respective…
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Commentary: The Problem With ‘Hijab Fashion’

I’d like to take a minute and speak about this prevalent trend of ‘Hijab fashion’ and ‘Hijabi Fashionistas’. Before anyone gets defensive and feels they’re being attacked, this is not about anyone’s *personal* journey, rather more about *public journeys* and how…
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Commentary: Riding Is A Cheaper Method Of Transport But That Only Shows How Cheap Your Life Is

Hi Someone posted a bold comment about riding motorcycle in Singapore and relate to the BKE accident recently. In the post he criticise riders saying that ride motorcycle as a form of cheap transport. He say maybe there is a…
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Komentar: Islam Disesuaikan Dalam Konteks S’pura, Atau Konteks S’pura Disesuaikan Dengan Islam?

Sering kali timbul perbualan dan perbahasan tentang kehidupan moden, termasuk di Singapura. Dalam hal ini, apakah agama Islam perlu disesuaikan dengan konteks Singapura, ataupun konteks Singapura itu yang perlu disesuaikan dengan Islam. Singapura sebuah negara berbilang bangsa dan agama. Maka…
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