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On Islamophobia In Singapore: Non-Muslims Must Acknowledge Issue, Educate Themselves, Authorities Must Take Stronger Action Against Islamophobes

My dear non-Muslims, saying that Islamophobia doesn’t exist in our country, is ironically similar to the Chinese claiming that racism and discrimination towards minority races doesn’t exist. Don’t tell us to condemn these hineous acts, because we have always stood…
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Reflections By Ustaz Mizi Wahid: Inspect Our Heart, Suspend Judgement, Renew Intentions Everyday

Since the beginning of time, every person who has a mind of their own, has always had an opinion. The major difference now is that there are more platforms for people to express those opinions publicly. Today, as I reflect,…
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Faris Abdat: Exclusivism Is Not Taught In Islam, Ignorance Is Cause For Misunderstanding

Nicholas Fang is the the executive director of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. Yet when he speaks about the causes of terrorism and linking it with what he says is exclusivism in Islam, it shows that he is not…
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Want To Board A Child Friendly Grab Car That Every Parent Definitely Appreciate? Try Her’s

after so many years i took grab,this is the first ever child friendly car that i hv ever encounter.. best service,nice clean car,polite lady.. thank you…u deserves good returns.. do share around.. she deserves to be acknowledge.. ✌🏼   Source:…
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