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Response Pak Andam Terhadap Majlis Perkahwinan Minggu Lalu Yang Menerima Pelbagai Kritikan (Kompang, Scooter Dan Pengantin)

CINTA AKU SEADANYA! Saya adalah Pak Andam Mempelai dan menyaksikan dari mula majlis hingga akhir majlis. Ramai yang comment negative with regards to the Kompang Group WHICH is Proudly Sponsor by adek pengantin Lelaki. Setahu saya mempelai menerima saje dan…
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Open Letter To Halimah Yacob From Your Neighbours: Others Are Being Inconvenience So That You Can Remain Convenient

Dear Halimah, Ok, thank you very much, the show has been fun, but please move on now. We are quite upset that you have indicated that you will stay in your Yishun flat instead of moving to the Istana. Please…
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Commentary: Madam President, I Hope You Can Proof Your Critiques Wrong, Walk The Talk, Show You’re People’s President

DIVIDE AND CONQUER? Our president? No she is not? It is truly sickening and saddening to see this whole circus turning into a racial mud sling like no other. It‘s purely the Malay feeling slighted cause the Majority Chinese and…
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Commentary: No Other Possible Way Of Calling A Spade A Spade, Similarly A Kelong President

PAP’s Kelong Presidency Some people, especially my Malay FB friends, are not happy that I use the hashtag #MadamKelongPresident against Halimah. They seem to think that I am disrespectful to her just because she is Malay President?! That is utter…
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