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Commentary: We Didn’t Like #PE2017, But We Didn’t Resist, Either

Finally, Singapore has a female president. A woman as our head of state. Her photo will hang in every government building, not as the benevolently smiling wife, but as the boss. I would have expected myself to be bloody ecstatic….
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Commentary: All 4 Elected Presidents So Far Are Either Ex-PAP Ministers Or From Gov’s Ranks

So it is a walkover. Singaporeans will not need to vote for their next President. True to form; a long, iniquitous history of rigging the system. From third world to first economically, and the reverse politically–the country’s lurched from minimalist…
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The Bitter Insult: Singapore Malay Community Would Have Been Insulted Multiple Folds When Result Of PE Comes Out

The Bitter Insult When the results of the Reserved Presidential Election are announced in the weeks to come, Singapore Malay Community would have been insulted Multiple Folds… 1) That Malays would stand no chance of being elected in an open…
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