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Masagos Zulkifli: Like Malaysia, Singapore Is Constantly Cautious And Concerned About Racial And Religious harmony

#masagos The Sultans in Malaysia issued a statement, expressing their concerns over divisive practices and mindsets that may jeopardise Malaysia’s multi-racial and religious harmony. The statement urged Malaysians to abide by the Constitution, and that Muslims should not unwittingly tarnish…
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Commentary: Maybe Non-Malays Would Not Vote For A Malay In An Open PE, But PAP, LKY And LHL Are Jointly Blamed For This

Dear Prime Minister, if you sincerely believe that the Chinese majority and other non Malays would not vote for a Malay in an open presidential contest, you are probably right. But you also must be honest and have the courage…
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Commentary: Are Authorities Taking The ‘Mystery Smell Haze’ Incident Seriously With Terror Attacks Rampant Around The World?

It was disappointing to hear the authorities here say that they were not able to establish what the mystery smell, which was detected in several parts of Singapore on Monday. Singaporeans were left to speculate as to where it might…
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