Mohamed Jufrie: Takkanlah Presiden Bertudung Tapi Sesetengah Jawatan Lain Tidak Dibenarkan Kerana ‘Problematic’

Terdapat harapan di sebahagian masyarakat Melayu Islam agar isu-isu yang membelenggu masyarakat kita itu, seperti pemakain tudung, diskriminasi dalam perkhidmatan negara dan banyak lagi, akan terhurai semasa tempuh perkhidmatan seorang Presiden Melayu Islam. Jika benar berlaku ia akan memberi makna…
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Commentary: Maybe Non-Malays Would Not Vote For A Malay In An Open PE, But PAP, LKY And LHL Are Jointly Blamed For This

Dear Prime Minister, if you sincerely believe that the Chinese majority and other non Malays would not vote for a Malay in an open presidential contest, you are probably right. But you also must be honest and have the courage…
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President Halimah Yacob’s Campaign Spent $220,875, Raised $800,000 From 6 Individuals And A Marine Company

President Halimah Yacob’s campaign spent $220,875 in total – most of it on promotional materials, according to papers she filed with the authorities this week. The expenses included $73,000 for 10,100 campaign posters, as well as $36,400 for 1.28 million…
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