Mainstream English Media Never Highlight Malay Success Stories, Contribute To Stereotype

The Problem is there was never a HIGHLIGHT about successful Malays in The Straits Times, Sunday Times, Business Times Singapore, are there? . Any stories about Malays who even surpassed other races were only told in our Malay papers. I…
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Flashback 1988: Definition of Malay Was Debated In Parliament (In The Context Of GRC System)

The issue on the definition of Malay was debated earlier in Parliament (in the context of the GRC system) back in 1988. It was an exchange involving Goh Chok Tong, Chiam See Tong and Ahmad Mattar.   Part of the…
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PAP Put Spotlight On Race When They Reserved This Presidential Election For Malays

Don’t talk about their Malay-ness, discuss their capabilities instead. This is generally what many PAP supporters are saying. They remind us not to focus on the race. Excuse me! In the first place, who made this election about race? Malay…
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