34 Year Old Mother Of Four Struggling After Divorce, Pleads For Financial Assistance

Madam Shireen is a 34 years old mother of 4 kids, 2 boys are her own, while the other 2 girls are left to her care due to their own broken family left behind by their own parents. She also…
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Osman Sulaiman: Objective Review Of Policies Implemented By Allahyarham Othman Wok Will Benefit Malay Muslim Community

Othman Wok has passed away. In my community, many believe that we cannot talk about the dead. I disagree. Strongly. The belief that we cannot talk about a dead man past has its roots from Islamic teachings that forbid anyone…
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Singaporean Malay Celebs Rally Around Alias Kadir – Spread The Love, Donate To Abang Alias Kadir

19 april 2017 hari ini Abg Ali As Kadir akan menjalani pembedahan kedua semoga selamat segala urusannnya.. mari kita semua doakan untuk beliau insya’allah.. amin.. yang ingin membantu , sila pm saya..Hamzah Adon terimakaseh semua.. • spread the LOVE..❤️ #welovealiaskadir…
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