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Doubts About Presidential Hopefuls Not Being Malay Enough Are Off Track

Singapore’s Malay community has long held an expansive view of race, a stand that reflects its confidence. The coming presidential election is the first to be reserved for candidates from the Malay community, following changes to the Constitution to ensure…
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Women’s Wing Of Malaysia’s Parti Amanah Negara Calls For Airwave Ban On Despacito

The women’s wing of Malaysia’s Islamist party Parti Amanah Negara has called on radio stations in the country to stop playing Despacito, the Spanish hit song, because of its supposedly sexually explicit lyrics. Despacito is a single by Puerto Rican…
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SBS Transit Says There Was “No Malfunction In The Fare Gate” Based On CCTV Footage

A toddler was hurt when the fare gates at Hougang Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station closed on him unexpectedly on Sunday (Jul 16). In a Facebook post that night, the child’s aunt, Ms Kelly Ng, said her three-year-old nephew had…
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