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How Malays Define Malayness? Well Truth Is Its Very Confusing And Inconsistent

So how does one define who is or isn’t Malay? Having actually researched this for my thesis for the past two years, please let me share with ya’ll SOME of what I’ve learned. How Malays define Malayness has always been…
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NLB To Immediately Remove Series Of Malay Language Books From Junior Non-Fiction Section For Carrying Offensive Content

The National Library Board (NLB) will be withdrawing a series of Malay language books from its libraries “immediately”, after concerns about their contents were raised. The books belong to a series published in Malaysia in 2013 called Agama, Tamadun Dan…
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Muslims Honouring Your Mother On Mother’s Day; Better Than Not Doing On Every Other Day

Sambut Hari Ibu? Katanya dalam Islam boleh sambut hari2 dan bila2, tak perlu nak ikut2 orang kafir? Ada awak sambut hari ibu utk ibu awak hari2 atau seminggu sekali atau sebulan sekali, ada? Memuliakan ibu bukan hanya ajaran orang ‘Orang…
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