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Bernard Chen: Faisal Manap Is True Singaporean Son, Not Divisive Character

When the highest ranked public servant in our legislature (and potentially Singapore’s first women Muslim president come September 2017) is allowed to wear a head scarf while attending to her duties both inside and outside of the House, I do…
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WP Member Bernard Chen: Free Travel For Singaporeans Until Fundamental Issues With Public Transportation Are Fixed

Until our transport companies and the Ministry get their act together, Singaporeans should be granted free travel on our entire transport network. #justsaying #notsocrazyanidea. #onlyfair. Why should consumers made to pay for a system that is so unreliable and inefficient?…
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Three-Cornered Fight Shaping Up In Macpherson SMC Between PAP, WP And NSP

In a surprise twist, the single-seat ward of MacPherson might be set for a three-cornered fight after all, after the National Solidarity Party (NSP)’s Cheo Chai Chen said he will throw his hat into the ring on Nomination Day morning….
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