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Man Stereotyped By Agent As Being Dubious, Even Willing To Call Police On Him

What happened afew hrs ago.. I did and said what I did, coz I was just too pissed off. I was stereotyped to a point where, I actually felt like I might as well had been a criminal.. And so…
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I Just Wanted To Buy A Dress At Tampines Bazaar By I Left With A Dressing Down From Stallholder Instead

Entered A Bazaar Stall At Tampines Hub And Saw A Dress I Really Liked. “Braper Kak?” “1 Helai $80. Kalau Beli 2 $100. Tapi Saya Tak Tau Kenapa Orang Cakap Mahal?! Orang2 Sini Semua Nak Yg Murah2 $10 Or $20….
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Self-Proclaimed “Business Mentors” Have No Credibility, Harming Community’s Progress

Don’t u dare call urself an Entrepreneur or a Businessman if all u do is rely on ur fake workshops to be full.. What happens when u run out of people to “inspire”, what happens when u run out of…
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