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Alfian Sa’at: “If There Is A Committee To Certify The ‘Chineseness’ Of Candidates, What Kinds Of Criteria Should We Expect?”

I have so many questions. Is a biologically Chinese person adopted into an Indian family still Chinese? But what do we mean by ‘biologically’? You can adopt a child of a different race in Singapore. But can the child ‘adopt’…
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Do Indians Regard Newly Elected President As A Traitor For Disowning Her Indian Race?

Some people still don’t get it as to why Singapore’s 2017 Presidential Election is a discrimination to the Malay community. Some questioned where got anymore pure breed Malays in Singapore? Actually, to measure how Malay you are, it is tightly…
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Singaporean Indian Subjected To Racist Abuse By 3 Chinese Man Who Thought He’s From Bangladesh

Tonight, as I cycled home from my girlfriend’s place, a van slowed down ahead of me, and a young Chinese man stuck his head out of the van to yell “Fucking Bangla” at me. Of course it immediately made me…
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