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Macpherson RC Photo Prove That Singaporeans Are Second Class Compared To The New Citizens

Singaporeans are sick and tired of being made second class citizens in their own home. We thought we had made it clear in 2011 that we want the rampant immigration and the social problems it causes to be rolled back,…
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Promote Racial Harmony, Encourage Learning Of Each Other’s Mother Tongues

While agreeing with the letter “Spark interest in Mandarin with fun, creative lessons” (July 27), I must add that the teaching process should be simplified. People lose enthusiasm when they find the lessons difficult to understand, and many give up…
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Angry Netizens Deleting Meituan En Masse After Delivery App Introduces Separate Boxes For Halal Food

Popular food delivery app Meituan has stirred up controversy online after announcing that it will begin offering separate logistics infrastructure for halal food, causing Chinese netizens to condemn the company for “discriminating against” non-Muslims while also worrying about the “rise…
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