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M Ravi: Support Me As I Keep The Anti-Death Penalty Pressure On The Singapore Government

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN. This is the first time I have made such a request . Here is my speech ( rather an emotional cry for justice for Ridzuan and others )delivered on Saturday made…
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1kg Of Heroin Seized From Singaporean Drug Trafficker In Teck Whye

A 50-year-old Singaporean man was caught with nearly 1kg of heroin in Teck Whye early on Tuesday morning (April 11), the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) said in a statement. At around 1.20am, the suspected drug trafficker was observed meeting with…
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Polis Thai Tangkap ‘Raja Dadah ASEAN’ Yang Juga Seludup Dadah Ke Singapura

Polis Thailand menangkap seorang lelaki Laos, yang digelar ‘Raja Dadah ASEAN’, kerana mendalangi satu rangkaian pengedaran dadah di seluruh rantau ASEAN, termasuk Malaysia, dalam satu operasi di Lapangan Terbang Suvarnabhumi. Suspek berusia 42 tahun itu dikepung polis dan ditangkap dengan…
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