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Muslim Mother: This Is Why A Madrasah Education Is As Good As Any Schools In Singapore

Whenever I tell my non-Malay/Muslim friends (or even some Muslim friends) where my children are schooling, a common reaction would be, “Do they cover the same syllabus?” “Are they on par with the national schools?” My answer would always be…
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Teacher Calls Out Student For Racist Comments, Class Learns Meaning Of Majority Privilege

There are a few things I don’t abide in my classes. One of them is racism. Today in class I pulled a boy out of class because he called one of his classmates “死黒人” (it literally translates to “die black…
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This Principal Is The Reason Why Other Teachers Are Jealous Of Those Working At West Spring Primary School

At West Spring Primary School, teachers are banned from replying to work-related e-mails and texts before 7.30am and after 5pm on weekdays, as well as over the weekend. They also get two days in the work week when they can…
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