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Diabetes In Singapore: Here Are Facts Based On What The Government Has Documented

DIABETES IN SINGAPORE – AS REPORTED & DOCUMENTED Following up from my last post (Thanks everyone for the colourful comments! It was a cracker to read! Didn’t think such a post would have gathered such traction), here are the facts…
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Malay Family Used To Prove A Point On Meritocracy, But Singaporean Malays Generally Still Sidelined

Talking about meritocracy when the Malay community are still being marginalised?  If you are really serious about meritocracy, these are some of the things you can do for the Malay community since a “Malay family” has been specifically chosen for…
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Open Letter To Lee Wei Ling And Lee Hsien Yang From Non-PAP Voter: Enough Is Enough

Enough is enough please. This is my final posting ever on this family dispute that should have never gone public, and should either be in the court, or just private. Yes, you both seem to be on the Singaporeans side…
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