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Singapore Is First World Country With Third World Hijab Policy

“Focus on unity, not division”: Minister Masagos Zulkifli “Allowing hijab problematic for some jobs”: Minister Yaacob Ibrahim Please tell me are there any DIVISION caused or PROBLEMATIC issues found in these photos? Or in their respective countries?   Source: Syed…
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Lee Kuan Yew Not The Visionary Leader Who Transformed Singapore

Dear Professor Tan, I refer to the 5 Jun 2013 Straits Times report of your speech on the occasion of the conference of Doctor of Laws to Mr Lee Kuan Yew by NUS [1]. Mr Lee wasn’t the visionary leader…
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Chee Soon Juan: Policy Alternatives in Parliament Only Possible With The Presence of Opposition Parties

Minister Lawrence Wong has called on Singaporeans to be active in seeking solutions to improve Singapore. This seems a curious statement given that many have been suggesting ways only to be met by a deaf ear. The SDP, for example, has been…
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