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Ariffin Sha: Malay/Muslims Must Stop Racist Remarks On Ramadan Bazaar Geylang Issue

The ‘Ramadan’ Bazaar isn’t some special zone reserved for only Muslims and/or Malays. Many patrons and stallholders are not Malay. Anyone, regardless of their race, is entitled to their own opinion of the things on offer there. Whether they think…
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Buddhist Lodge Derma 25 Tan Beras Menjelang Ramadan

Semangat menghulurkan derma dan mengagihkan habuan kepada masyarakat Melayu/Islam Singapura bagi persiapan Ramadan sudah dimulakan sejak 2011 oleh badan agama Buddha, Singapore Buddhist Lodge. Sejak enam tahun yang lalu, badan agama tersebut tidak putus-putus mendermakan beras berpuluh-puluh tan kepada beberapa…
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Alamak! Gordon Ramsey Gives His Comment On “Fish & Chips”

Much has been said about the “Fish & Chips” at a restaurant located at the top of Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC). The common one being renamed to Ikan Billis & Chips instead. There was quite a big difference between expectation…
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