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Local Football Fan: FAS Please Save Our S-League, Stop Farcical Banner-Size Limitation

Warning: Long and sad post ahead, read at own peril Glad I made the impromptu decision to go down to Choa Chu Kang Stadium to watch Warriors FC take on Hougang United this evening. I have always been very envious…
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Singapura Julang Piala Sultan Selangor Kali Ke-7! Kalahkan Pasukan Selangor PKNS 3-2

Pasukan Pilihan Singapura menumpaskan pasukan Selangor PKNS untuk menjulang Piala Sultan Selangor buat kali ketujuh. Singapura menang 3-2 di hadapan 26,000 penonton di Hab Sukan, malam semalam (6 Mei). Singapura membuka tirai jaringan seawal minit ke-11 menerusi tandukan Khairul Nizam….
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FAS An Example Of Why Politicians Must Not Interfere With Everything In Singapore

In the last General Elections, Workers’ Party chairman and MP for Aljunied GRC Sylvia Lim spoke up about how the People’s Action Party “infiltrates every aspect of life” in Singapore, even in our sports associations. She said during a fiery…
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