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Damanhuri Abas: The Malay Reserved President Is A Done Deal

The Malay Reserved President is a done deal no matter how much Dr Tan Cheng Bock try to argue for an Open Election. He will be admired for his tenacity and resolve to truly serve the people he love. So…
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Dr Tan Cheng Bock: Open Election First, If No Minority Malay President Wins In 2017 Then Reserved Election For 2023

The Government brushes off my press conference. MCI has missed my point totally. I do not dispute the Constitutional Commission’s report or the White Paper. However, I disagree with the way the Government has triggered the reserved election. I am…
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Protest Against Unjustified 30% Increase In Cost of Water: March 11

When finance minister Mr Heng Swee Kiat went to deliver the budget speech in Parliament, many people were relieved to know that the minister has finally recovered from his horrible stroke and ready to serve the country again. But the…
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