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Tampines Pork-Throwing Neighbour Still Terrorising Widow Despite Court Action

Marliah Jonet, a 62 year-old widow, has faced daily harassment from a neighbor, 63 year-old Lee Dji Lin, however there appears to be nothing the authorities can do about the belligerent neighbor, who was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. According…
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Ridjal Noor: Why Malay/Muslim Community Largely Apathetic Over Ramadan Bazaar Issue?

The first question: Why are some quarters in the community so busy defending the issue of the bazaar Ramadan? Every day campaigning and raising questions, and brainstorming for solutions. Because they are trying to preserve the quality and feel and…
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Mohd Khair: Singaporeans Are Capable Of Living Together Respectfully, Beyond Mere Tolerance

it is very HEARTENING indeed when Non-Muslim Singaporeans demonstrate deep understanding and empathy on the issues surrounding the ambiguous halal status of bazaar at Geylang Serai organised in the month of Ramadhan. Read the screenshots shared here in this album….
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