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Drunk Ah Peck Step Gay, Harasses Handsome Mat Saleh On MRT Because He Thinks Mat Saleh ‘Signal’ Him

Hey Singapore friends: just a heads up, this guy physically assaulted me on the MRT, so if you ever see him, be on your guard. I was with a friend and he approached me–drunk–and said he was gay, and that…
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Another Helpless Mom: Stranger Appeared At Our Home Asking About My Children, Already Reported To Police

I just called 999. Someone at my door. Knocking very hard. Hubby open and he gave Salam. He told my hubby, “Abang Saya haus, bole Saya mintak air segelas….” Dengan Pantas Aku bangun Dari Sofa terus, tolak Hubby and told…
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