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Presidential Candidates Must Have Clear Conscience Declaring Themselves “Malay” When Even Other “Half-Malays” Are Not Considered As One

Assalaamu’alaikom, semua. Actually, I have a real-life personal story to tell. My younger sister is married to a Singaporean Arab (not the rich one, mind you). His son, that is my nephew, was accepted into NTU about 10 years ago….
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A Call To Lead – Qualified Malay Candidates Must Show Courage, Step Up And Give Singaporeans True Choice

As we get closer to Syawal, Malays in Singapore are also getting closer and closer to the day of reckoning – come election day in September, Singapore will have its first Malay President since the late Encik Yusof Ishak, albeit…
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Presidential Hopeful Inspired To Run For Office By Lee Hsien Loong’s Encouragements

Whether he qualifies as a candidate in the upcoming Presidential Election is based on the discretion of the Presidential Electoral Committee (PEC), but Mr Mohamed Salleh Marican has already gone about recruiting people for his campaign. The 62-year-old chief executive…
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