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Employers Encourages Their Muslim Domestic Helper To Fast, Even Though They Themselves Are Chinese-Buddhists

For 17 years,¬†she spent Hari Raya celebrations in Singapore, far from her beloved family in her village in Indonesia. While at times she cries, Ms Sriwahyuni has never lamented having to make ends meet in the region. Spending Ramadan alone…
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Bali United Score Praise For Goal Celebration Promoting Religious Harmony

A photo posted on Facebook by Bali United FC on Monday (Jun 5) has netted widespread praise for its message of religious harmony. The photo, which has been shared close to 12,000 times, shows players Ngurah Nanak, Yabes Roni and…
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Muslim Asia Caught In The Middle As Diplomatic Row Rocks Middle East

Non-Arab nations in Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan, are getting caught in the middle after Saudi Arabia led a clampdown on Qatar,¬†accusing the tiny emirate of supporting pro-Iranian militants. Malaysia had rolled out the red carpet for Saudi…
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