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Insurance Company Not Helpful, Daughter Turned To Crowfunding, Raise $250,000 To Bring Comatose Father Back To Singapore

The Singaporean who suffered a cardiac arrest and lapsed into a coma in Tokyo just over a week ago is due to arrive in Singapore on Tuesday. The team from EMA Global, the medical assistance company appointed for the evacuation,…
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Daniel Goh: Syonan Gallery Controversy A Good Exercise In Appreciating History

Excellent resolution to the controversy. Both the inappropriate “Syonan” and the pretentious “Gallery” dropped. I think we would have been poorer without this controversy, so all’s well that ends well. I am reminded of what Shanice Lishan Foh said in…
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Here’s What Lee Kuan Yew Did When WW2 Hit Singapore 75 Years Ago

February 15 is the day when the British surrender to the invading Japanese forces in Singapore, and this year marks the 75th anniversary of one of the darkest period in our island nation’s history — the Japanese Occupation (1942 to…
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