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Damanhuri Abas: The Malay Reserved President Is A Done Deal

The Malay Reserved President is a done deal no matter how much Dr Tan Cheng Bock try to argue for an Open Election. He will be admired for his tenacity and resolve to truly serve the people he love. So…
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Damanhuri Abas: Reserved Elected Presidency In September A Foregone Conclusion

The death of Othman Wok being a trusted Malay of LKY’s era will invite some controversy. The State assisted funeral, the ongoing tributes on TV and the press are expected. The Govt must surely remember and celebrate the Malay man…
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Osman Sulaiman: Objective Review Of Policies Implemented By Allahyarham Othman Wok Will Benefit Malay Muslim Community

Othman Wok has passed away. In my community, many believe that we cannot talk about the dead. I disagree. Strongly. The belief that we cannot talk about a dead man past has its roots from Islamic teachings that forbid anyone…
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