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Angry Parent: Madrasah Teachers Did Not Carry Out Lesson In English As Advertised, My Son Cannot Understand The Lessons

My child goes to the mosque every Saturday for religious classes. The classes are supposed to be conducted in English but the teacher speaks Malay instead. Because of this, my child cannot understand what is going on and has lost…
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How Credible Are “Scholars” Who Learn About Islam From Western Institutions?

# Islamic Scholars from Secular & Western Universities? While neighbouring countries celebrate local & overseas scholars who attained doctorates in Islamic universities such as Jordan, Egypt & Saudi Arabia, and take knowledge from them. Why then are we taking knowledge…
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Libya’s Ambassador To UAE: Southeast Asian Muslims Should Embrace Own Unique Cultural Traditions, Resist Arabisation And Still Be Good Muslims

Muslims in Southeast Asia should embrace their unique cultural traditions instead of adopting Arabic customs, according to Libya’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dr Aref Ali Nayed. “I think that it’s high time that Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and…
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