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Malaysian Celebrity Criticises Racist Stereotyping Question In Moral Examination

A primary school was today criticised by a celebrity over its decision to typecast the country’s ethnicities in a moral examination question. In a post on the Instagram photo-sharing service, actress Sarah Lian shared a picture of a moral test…
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Jufrie Mahmood: Allowing War Criminal To Visit Singapore A Sign Of PAP’s Arrogance

ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF PAP ARROGANCE! In quick succession! Soon after insulting the sensivities of a majority of Singaporeans with their SYONAN Debacle the PAP continues to insult us by hosting and honouring a WAR CRIMINAL in the next couple of…
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Sangeetha Thanapal: Chinese Allies Must Be Clear – Any Racism Is Unacceptable

I want to say a little about Chinese allies in Singapore, given some recent events and experiences. By and large, I find myself deeply disappointed with them. I see a lot of Chinese allies like and share my work, but…
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