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Presidential Candidates Halimah Yacob And Salleh Marican Shook Hands At Event (Boleh?)

Presidential hopefuls Halimah Yacob Salleh Marican met at the launch of Singapore’s first milk bank yesterday and they exchanged a few words. Halimah Yacob was there as the guest of honour at the launch whereas Salleh Marican is the treasurer…
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Will Malay-Muslim Officers In Frontline Public Service Roles Be Allowed To Wear Hijabs If Halimah Yacob Becomes President?

The online sphere is especially interested in establishment favourite Halimah, who finally announced her intention to take part in the race after months of speculation, last Sunday. Questions on Halimah’s ‘malayness’ and whether she can really participate in an election…
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Don’t Wait The Malay EP, Singaporeans Must Start Changing Attitudes On Inclusivity

It’s the eve of National Day and perhaps it’s timely that I’ve been thinking about the Presidential Elections (which I was supposed to be on duty for until I decided to leave the service). This whole PE debacle seems to…
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