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Dr Tan Cheng Bock: My Challenge Is To Uphold The Constitution, Not Undermine Race And Religion

My fellow Singaporeans The High Court has decided against my application. My lawyers are studying the 65-page judgment in which Justice Quentin Loh acknowledged that I have “put forward serious arguments on the start of the count”. I am, of…
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Halimah Yacob Does Not Confirm Running For Elected Presidency

With eight constituencies and many invitations from different organisations to break fast, Madam Halimah Yacob said her days have been packed all the way till Hari Raya, and time with family has been hard to come by. The mother of five…
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Choice Of Salleh Marican Family Photo Very Unlike Normal Depiction Of Malay Families In Singapore

Very Kardashian/Trump like family photo. It’s interesting to see a Malay family presented this way. It’s common to see something like this in Malaysia with the many Datuks there. But this is a self-made rags to riches bring-me-down-twice-get-up-thrice businessman.  …
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