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Commentary: No Need For A Contest? Reserved Election Promotes Multi-Culturalism? What Utter Nonsense!

*********** Not Par for the Course **************** Over the weekend , the MSM was suggesting that perhaps there is no need for a contest in the upcoming Presidential Election and that the reserved Election promotes multi-culturalism . What utter nonsense…
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Halimah Resigns From Speaker Way Before Verdict, Now Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Appeal Dismissed

Whoever did not expect this outcome must be living under a rock. If not, why would Halimah have resigned before the verdict was announced? Common sense dictates that with resignation of Halimah from Speaker of Parliament and MP even before…
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Commentary: 38 Oxley Is Not The Address Of Singapore

38 Oxley is Not the Address of Singapore After a noisy 2 days in Parliament the matter of Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister’s Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s home at 38 Oxley Road will now be settled through private channels among his…
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