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PAP Put Spotlight On Race When They Reserved This Presidential Election For Malays

Don’t talk about their Malay-ness, discuss their capabilities instead. This is generally what many PAP supporters are saying. They remind us not to focus on the race. Excuse me! In the first place, who made this election about race? Malay…
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Singapore Detains First Woman For Radicalism Under ISA After She Planned To Join Islamic State

The 22-year-old preschool teacher had been posting pro-ISIS material online since 2014 and was also looking for a terror supporter in Syria to marry. SINGAPORE: Singapore has detained its first female citizen for radicalism under the Internal Security Act (ISA),…
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Penyanyi Elfee Ismail Luah Isi Hati Tentang Kehilangan Anak Kembar 3

Kegembiraan penyanyi Singapura ini tidak terhingga kerana akan mendapat anak kembar tiga! Kandungan juga sudah mencecah empat bulan. Namun, berita ceria itu bertukar menjadi begitu hiba dalam sekelip mata saja. Segala-galanya ‘hilang’ dalam tempoh tiga minggu sahaja. Itulah dugaan besar…
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