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Commentary: Inter-Racial Marriages Nothing Special, Until I Met Those Facing Challenges

My own inter-ethnic relationship has been obstacle-free, writes Kane Cunico, but a documentary on mixed marriages has spurred others to share with me the struggles they face in gaining acceptance.   SINGAPORE: Sàam gu ma, sei gu ma, baat gu che, sahp…
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Madrasah Irsyad Principal To Students: Leave The Madrasah As Good Human Beings Who Contribute To Society

Quoted from Mr. Noor Isham Sanif (Principal Of Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri): “I don’t want you to leave Madrasah Irsyad with just a piece of paper qualification but I want you to leave this place having contributed to the society and…
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Wong Kan Seng: Singapore Not Immune To Threat Of Radicalisation

SINGAPORE: Former Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng said there is no immunity to the threat of radicalisation for any society, including Singapore. Speaking at a seminar by the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies on Tuesday (Nov 18), Mr…
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