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Malaysia Court Upholds Jailing Of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim, the former leader of the Malaysian opposition, has lost a final appeal to have his prison sentence for sodomy overturned and will serve out the remaining 16 months of his sentence in jail. Significantly the ruling means Anwar…
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SG Muslims Don’t Hate LGBTQ

Bismilaahirrahmaanirraheem… Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. Dear My Muslim LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters… There’s something we need to confess to you. We, straight Muslims, do not hate you. In fact, we have never hated you. True, we may seem aggressive with our…
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American Mistress Spills Sexcapades With Sultan of Brunei and His Brother, Broke Sharia Law

As a teenager, I was the mistress of his brother—who ‘gave’ me as a gift to the sultan. And in just one night, we committed at least two offenses under his newly implemented penal code. On Tuesday, I was greeted…
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