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K Shanmugam: MHA Will Review Adequacy Of Legislation Against Abuse Of Civil Service Officers

CPL Ammy of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was physically attacked while doing her duty. In May, she and her partner responded to a taxi driver who reported about his hostile passengers. At the scene, CPL Ammy asked one of…
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Beware Of Scam Impersonating Muhammadiyah’s Discontinued Fund-Raising Project

BE AWARE I just received this under my door. The hp no is no longer in service and no one answers the tel line. When I called Muhammadiyah, I was shocked to find out they had already DISCONTINUED ┬áthis door…
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Man Chased Own Family Out Of Car, Broke Traffic Rules And Behaved Aggressively Towards Wife During Family Dispute

At around 11.30pm on 12th November, hubby Azlan and I heard shoutings from our bedroom. This Malay driver in his 30s (car plate number: SGN4611D) parked his car along the Pioneer Road North junction, at the bus stop outside City…
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