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Ahmad Osman: Calvin Cheng Not Fit To Comment On Tudung Issue

I have refrained myself from commenting on this issue, but I can’t let it continue after coming across this particular post by NMP Calvin Cheng. Before I begin I would like to apologize to any parties which may feel offended…
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Osman Sulaiman: If Cannot Solve, Then PAP Malay MPs Should Not Hinder Progress On Hijab Issue

The gov would of course like to generalize anyone who brings up the tudung issue as trying to ‘sow discord’ or raising ‘divisive’ matters. In fact, anyone who brought the matter up will be painted as a hardliner, extremist and…
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Calvin Cheng: Bringing Up Tudung Issue In Parliament Is Divisive Because We Do Not Practice Communal Politics

Some people have been arguing that Parliament should be the right place to bring up the tudung issue. I would like to remind readers about the political history of Singapore: unfortunately, this would also entail a comparison to the Federation…
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