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Wedding Gatecrash Party Made To Eat Nutella And Condensed Milk Concoction Off Diapers

Take up the challenge and prove your love for the bride, say the bridesmaids. And often, the challenges are accepted by the sporting groom and his band of “brothers” – it does not matter how awkward or embarrassing the tests…
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Lagun Sari Employee, Sunato Zaidi, Ran Away With Our Money, More Than 100 Couples Affected

Eventually my heart broken into thousand of pieces when my dad show me this articles on Berita Harian on Saturday morning, 20th Aug … I immediately called Lagun Sari to set an appointment with the person incharge who took over…
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This Void-Deck Malay Wedding Just Gave New Reasons For You To Attend Malay Weddings

Weddings held at void decks have sometimes come under unfair scrutiny from some unreasonable people. These complaints typically gloss over the cultural and traditional factors that account for the Malay community holding weddings at void decks. But if anyone ever…
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