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The ‘Fundamentalists’ and the ‘Progressives’

Of late, the Muslim ‘Progressives’ in Singapore have been more vocal and assertive; and I welcome this. Previously, they worked behind the scenes and used to detest being labeled as ‘liberal Muslims’ and the like. It is high time they…
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“Deadly Mix” of Feminism and Gay Rights Threaten Abrahamic Religions

When the story first broke, what struck me most was the focus on lesbians. It is far more common in anti-LGBT speech for the reference to be either directed at gay males or framed with reference to gay male sex, at…
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Pastor Lawrence Khong Weighs In on LGBTQ vs NUS Professor Saga

I watched with dismay as a Malay Studies Professor was insulted and intimidated by two alumni and a student for posting his personal views regarding “alternative modes of sexual orientation” on Facebook. This action constitutes an attack on free conscience…
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Syed Khairudin Aljunied Clarifies Personal View on LGBTQ

Some Clarifications Dear Friends, There has been coverage in the press about my postings about the LGBT movement in Singapore. While the media has provided coverage for the LGBT supporters, so far, little coverage has been provided to those that…
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Polemik LGBTQ di Singapura: Kenyataan Rasmi ABIM

Atas semangat persaudaraan Islam dan muhibbah komuniti ASEAN, Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) merasa terpanggil untuk menyatakan keprihatinan terhadap usaha-usaha komuniti Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) di Singapura menyebarkan dakyah negatif terhadap Dr. Syed Muhd Khairuddin , seorang Pensyarah Jabatan…
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