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Apply 377A on gay “Muslims”

Since the launch of the Wear White campaign, there has been many stubborn Muslims who still support Pink Dot and attack the Wear White movement. I wrote before in a previous article that these Muslims who support Pink Dot should…
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WP Malay-Muslim MP Supports Wear White

The Wear White campaign got a ringing endorsement from Workers Party MP Faisal Abdul Manap! His photo was uploaded on the Wear White Facebook page with him standing beside another Wear White supporter. MP Faisal’s support for Wear White…
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Defending #WearWhite movement against so-called liberal “Muslims”

  Salaam R1C, I wrote this to defend the #wearwhite movement from the so-called “Muslims” who are attacking it. Please emphasize on the fact that those who promote LGBT can be charged under the law (Administration of Muslim Law Act…
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