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Terence Nunis: Refutation Of The Alleged Defamation On The Character & Person Of Mufti Ismail Menk

as-Salaamu’Alaykum, Please find below, my response to Ismail Menk’s lawyers on my alleged defamation. The response has already been sent out. Please do not share this outside the group.  Special thanks goes to my in-house counsel, Zafirah Jeffrey, for the…
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ISETAN Tudung Discrimination: Write letter to Japan HQ and Contact Japan Embassy

  Salaam I’m not satisfied those managers who are responsible for this mess is anyway delegating or another words, evading to be investigated. Isetan Singapore gives a poor response, it’s time to reach out to ISETAN Japan HQ as well….
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ISETAN Apologised To PUMA Tudung Sales Girl, No SOP on Attire

Hi everyone, it’s time for an update… After the last email sent to them, the deputy manager called. Attempting to give excuses for the managers’ actions, saying that it was due to carelessness that the managers behaved that way. Which…
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